We enjoy nothing more than creating quality homes for our clients throughout the Piedmont area. Each home is built to suit to make sure the client gets the home of their dreams. Our focus on the client allows us to create a straightforward approach to building, while also including the latest in Energy Star and NAHB Green Home Technology. We are proponents of client-builder communication throughout the project and make sure that you are always involved in every step of your custom home building project. We look forward to bringing you the custom home of your dreams.

Our Promises


We strive to put the customer first and bring them the best possible home available. We take the time to understand what you want in your home and bring our expertise in building to provide a product that exceeds your expectations. Designing from the ground up allows us to key into every detail and create a quality home that can be enjoyed for the many years to come.


As a Certified Energy Star and Certified Green Builder, responsibility and good stewardship of our resources is extremely important, providing greater satisfaction in a dwelling that is sustainable, more comfortable, healthier, saves energy, and creates less impact on the environment.

Better Built Homes


As a design build firm we take the time to listen and . If you don’t already have a designer for your home we have a partnering designer that can help to create a house plan that exceeds your expectations and brings you a house that can become your home. Using our designer is not a must as we have worked with many designers across the triad. We will take any plan and break it down to help you understand every step of the building process. In doing this we bring our unique style of building to deliver the home of your dreams.


From the ground up we make sure to fully engineer and certify our homes. This can included taking compaction samples of the earth, adding reinforcement to your footings, and using preformed foundation walls with steel and insulation built in. From there our framing is engineered and stamped, making sure all loads are calculated and properly distributed to the foundation. Using quality engineered products and SFI sourced wood helps to insure the structural integrity of your home is sound. This allows very minimal settling of your overall home during you many years of enjoyment.


Following the core principles of Building Science we focus heavily on preventing water intrusion. Water is the biggest cause of damage to a home and proper sealing from the foundation all the way to the roof allows us to make sure water doesn’t ever enter you home. We use Superior Walls for all basement applications to help create a perfectly dry, insulated , and sealed basement environment. In addition sprayed waterproofing and proper drainage to the french drain making sure no water ever enters your basement. Proper window flashing as well as sloped sills keep water from entering and ruining your beautiful home. All roof penetrations are sealed and flashed properly to prevent water from coming in from above. We use the latest from Tyvek and Zip System to help create a watertight home. Our waterproofing package has been tried and tested and far surpasses the code guidelines for North Carolina.

Energy Star/ Green Building

As a 100% committed Energy Star partner we have been building Energy Star Homes since the beginning. This led us into building Green Certified homes and we are proud of being in the select group of builders in NC that builds all homes to the National Green Building Standard set out by Home Innovations Research Lab. With numerous certified homes under our belts we specialize in advanced techniques to help bolster a home’s efficiency and comfort level. Some of these techniques and practices include, Geothermal heating and cooling, Radiant heating, spray foam insulation, proper air sealing, ERV air circulators, sealed and conditioned crawlspaces, advanced framing techniques, exterior insulation sheathing, and many more. We not only focus on energy efficiency “i.e Energy Star”  but also water efficiency, site/lot design,  indoor environmental quality, and moisture management. All of these features can be discussed during the design stages of your custom home.

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